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Kylie Jenner Boards Private Plane With Wedding Dress

Kylie Jenner just boarded a private plane to her birthday yacht party with a very interesting piece of luggage … a garment that certainly looks like a WEDDING DRESS … but TMZ knows otherwise. Check out this pic from the tarmac Tuesday afternoon…

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Ian Ziering Explains ‘New Take’ on Reboot with ‘BH90210’

The highly anticipated reboot of “Beverly Hills, 90210” isn’t just another cookie-cutter play for nostalgia — it’s taking the idea in a bold new direction … and Ian Ziering thinks you’re gonna love it. The guy who played Steve Sanders on the…

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‘Bachelorette’ Star Tyler Cameron Ordered to Attend Driving School

Tyler Cameron is taking his fine ass back to class … the ‘Bachelorette’ finalist has to go to driving school after copping a plea in his car crash case. Tyler C pled no contest Tuesday to a careless driving charge in Palm Beach County, Florida…

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Ron White’s Marriage to Margo Rey Ruled Legit in Court

No ifs, ands or buts about it … a judge has ruled Ron White and Margo Rey are officially married. The ruling came down Tuesday in L.A. Superior Court where a judge sided with Margo and declared the couple was in a common-law marriage under Texas…

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Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Bash About to Take Off for Italy

Kylie Jenner’s about to take off with a private jet full of family and close friends to begin her birthday celebration, and “hubby” Travis Scott is joining the festivities … TMZ has learned. Kylie and Travis will be celebrating her 22nd birthday…

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How Tapping Into Grief Can Improve Your Sex Life

Tapping into our grief is both an individual and collective endeavor – and it is truly an act of courage. Grief is part of the human experience, but like many other uncomfortable feelings, our tendency is often to push it under the rug and simply wait for it to pass. We need lots of time

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How to Have the Best G Spot Orgasms

Wanna find out how to have the best G Spot orgasm? Sex coaches Celeste and Danielle teach you all about what it is, where it is, and what to expect when your G Spot is being stimulated, in this 7th episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment. They also guide you how to develop

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How to Have the Best Clitoral Orgasms

Wanna learn how you can give and receive the best clitoral orgasms? In the 6th episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment, sex coaches Celeste and Danielle tell us why psychological arousal is so important. Watch them discuss what you should – and shouldn’t – do during physical foreplay; and how you can give

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Stevie Wonder Says He Needs Kidney Transplant Amid Dialysis Rumors

Stevie Wonder says he’s putting a pause on touring to undergo surgery for a kidney transplant — this amid rumors that he’s now on dialysis.  The legendary singer broke the news Saturday in England during his set at the British Summer Time…

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‘Walking Dead’ Star Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Says L.A. Earthquakes Signal the End

The earthquakes that have rocked Southern California over the past few days have left one apocalyptically-inclined actor thinkin’ the end is near … so here are his ground rules. We got ‘Walking Dead’ star Lawrence Gilliard Jr. out Saturday in…

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