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Foreplay Tips For Women

In the 5th episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment, Celeste and Danielle give foreplay tips and ideas for women and their partners, and talk about all the fun and pleasure you can have warming up. Because after all – foreplay is an integral part of sex, seduction is key, and taking charge of

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Horny Before Your Period? Here’s Why

Why are women often so horny before their period? In the 4th episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment, Celeste and Danielle teach you how to acknowledge the tiger in the cage who wants sex, how to stay immersed in the desire, and prioritize it. They talk about how you can act on the cues

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All About PMS Mood Swings

PMS mood swings – what do you do with all the information these feelings offer us women during that time of the month? And how does it relate to pussy power? Celeste & Danielle tell you all about it in the 3rd episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment.   (Below is the slightly

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How to Awaken Your Sexual Power as a Woman

The quickest path to awaken your sexual power starts with some sexy breathing exercises. They will help connect you to your body, and make you feel alive and ready for pleasure. Let sex coaches Celeste & Danielle guide you in learning how to breathe and tap into your sexual energy with the 2nd Episode in

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NBA’s P.J. Tucker Wants Harsher Punishment for Warriors Part-Owner Mark Stevens

Houston Rockets player P.J. Tucker ain’t happy with the NBA’s 1-year ban against Golden State Warriors part-owner Mark Stevens … telling TMZ Sports, “It should be more!” As we previously reported … in addition to the 1-year ban, Stevens was…

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Charlamagne Tha God Says Trump Apologizing To CP5 Would Only Help Himself

Charlamagne Tha God thinks Donald Trump doesn’t need to apologize to the wrongfully convicted Central Park 5 … he says Trump already made his bed, and now he needs to sleep in it forever. We got Charlamagne in NYC Thursday and asked him if Trump…

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NFL Rookie Tyrel Dodson Frantic 911 Call, ‘He Hit Me Across My Face!’

TMZ Sports has obtained the 911 call Tyrel Dodson’s GF made after the Buffalo Bills rookie allegedly attacked her in Arizona … and she tells the operator, “He hit me across my face!” The woman was frantic — sobbing loudly — but she eventually…

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Vernon Davis Crashes Restaurant Kitchen, Cooks Chicken For Charity

Vernon Davis traded his helmet for an apron and tongs — working the grill at a busy chicken restaurant — and it was all to raise a whole bunch of money for charity. The Washington Redskins star tight end hit up Nando’s in College Park, Maryland…

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‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ Singer Dr. John Dead at 77

Dr. John — a Grammy-winning singer and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee whose fascination with voodoo inspired his stage name — has died. The New Orleans-born singer died Thursday of a heart attack. The family said in a statement Dr.…

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Can Sexual Empowerment Really Change Your Life?

Women have long been robbed of their erotic power. But can reclaiming your sexual empowerment help you in daily life? To address this and other women’s issues, we made a 9-video series, talking about everything from erotic empowerment, PMS, and foreplay tips, to how to have the best orgasms and do anal pleasure right. In

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